Nairamarley Gifts Old Man 1 Million For Singing His Music lyrics correctly!

Popular musician and celebrity Nairamarley has gifted an old die hard fan of his the sum of one million naira after the fan was able to sing one of his songs from top to bottom!

The fan kept singing without any mistakes even at his old elderly age , this act alone prompted the celebrity to show appreciation toward the old man for such an act,

The old man who has šŸ identified as Jude chukwuka has shown his appriciation towards the celebrity for gifting him such a huge amount of money for singing his song

As fans pray for Nairamarley for blessing that old man , and wished that more celebs behaved like him,


Samantha Osakue

I am samantha, 18 years old, student of Ambrose Ali University, micro biology 100 level, I'm 5.5 feet tall, I am a blogger and my hobbies are reading books and sight seeing

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