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Evangelist osita dinma disgraced after hacker post his chats with married women after sleeping with them!!!!

This popular pastor pastor osita dinma muolokwu has been publicly disgraced after his chats with different married woman in his church became leaked!!!

This popular pastor has been caught thought his chats exchange nudes with different married women and ladies in his church,

He has allegedly slept with most of them as he tell him he wants to fuck them , and give them heads, this is a popular self acclaimed man of God,

The hacker who identified himself as ghost face as he claims he’s doing this to show the world what pastors and gospel singers are doing, he says he is sorry if he offended anyone but he just wanted to show husband’s of those shameless women what thier wives are doing as he claims this is a wicked world and he prays the God forgives him his son

View leaked

So much evil in the world, imagine what a man of God is doing,

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