Pregnant Black lady & Her Husband Wrestled To The Ground by France Police. (see video)

As Floyd George death is still mourned around the world by blacks and white people regarding the injustice and racism of blacks, and while the world still thinks Floyd death has engraved unity among the blacks and white people around the world,

Just on Saturday, this video was shared on Instagram of how France SNCF agents brutally forced a black pregnant woman in a subway to the ground for arrest.

She was reportedly asked to produce her ticket or step back and the following ensued.

Her husband was also arrested after he tried to defend his woman on seeing how the police brutalize his pregnant wife on the ground,

As no loving man would stand and watch such horrible attacks happening to his woman, without making a defensive move.

And while he tried to defend his wife from the police , he was also arrested and forced to the ground while he even faced worst brutality from the police.

watch Video Below

Pregnant lady was wrestled to the ground

It has never been on the report of police arresting a white individual in a brutal way, or is it a crime to be black? even her pregnancy didn’t mean anything to the police officer. May God save Africa

while it’s still horrible to watch how this police officer pinned down the black man to the ground while punching his face repeatedly until the man began to collapsed.

While some viewers has also advice blacks to stop resisting arrest from the police, orders also criticize the actions of the police and describe it as inhuman.

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