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Plastic Surgeon med contour offerers lipsuction giveaway!!! after putting so many people in the hospital and ruining thier bodies!!

This plastic surgeon med coutour took to her Instagram page to announce she’s giving out a free lipsuction surgery,

According to info this surgeon is a end time doctor as most of her surgeries never go well, according to news this doctor has put so many client in harm’s way with thier bodies rotting away,

And also has two death cases on her hands as two thier clients died during surgery ,it was also noted that she had threatened a lady who called her out for damaging her body and she has two court cases

She also has two of her clients in luth as their bodies are seriously infected, and producing pus!!

It seems she’s doing a giveaway surgery out of desperation as she has run-out of business as no one is willing to risk their lives at her hands undergoing her half baked surgeries as she is a very careless doctor, and my info advised people to avoid this end time doctor of they love thier lives


Samantha Osakue

I am samantha, 18 years old, student of Ambrose Ali University, micro biology 100 level, I'm 5.5 feet tall, I am a blogger and my hobbies are reading books and sight seeing

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