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Man threatens to rape simi’s Newborn daughter when she turns 18!!!!!!!!!!

A Nigerian man who has been identified as wisdom obi Peter has recently taking to Twitter to disclose his plans to rape simi’s and adekunle gold’s daughter when she turns ,18,

As we recall that Simi and her husband recently announce the birth of thier beautiful baby girl adejare just yesterday, as she’s very happy to become a monther and promise’s to love and care for her child,

In reaction to the good news , the troll took to the comment section, boasting of his plans to rape the innocent girl when she turns 18!!!

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He further went on to rain insults on the new mother Calling her stupid and says he prays her daughter doesn’t grow up to be stupid like her mum!

He also challenged the couple for naming thier daughter adejare as the thinks stupidity and fool suits the baby more, he claims Simi Carry’s stupidity in her genes and must have transferred them to the newly born child,

He also claims that the child will end up being worthless just like her parents , and the name, adejare sounds like the s.i unit of stupidity to him,

The couple are yet to react to this act of Idiocracy bring displayed by the troll,

And I for one is very dissapointed as it’s obvious he’s saying these means words just for a clout and some attention,

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