Man Caught Raping A Two Years Old Baby, “Video Of How The Baby Cried During The Assault” (see Video)

A man was caught by a hidden camera placed in a the child’s bedroom, this is a video of a man raping a two years old child which he was meant to be taking care of ,

the mother of the baby reported that ever since she hired the man to take care of her baby while she goes out on her job, she bagan to notice some sudden change in her baby’s private part.

It was then the woman really wanted to find out what was going on when she’s not at home, so she placed a hidden camera on the baby’s bedroom and left as usual to her place of work, On getting home in the evening from her office she decided to play the record of what must have transpired during her absence, but to her greatest surprise she saw how the man who was meant to baby sit her baby forcefully raped the innocent child, not minding how the cries from the child.

This is really terrible and this little baby needs justice.

The man in the video who is obviously a paedophile must be caught and arrested, as he has sexually harassed and assaulted a helpless 2year old child, without minding the emotional and pyscological trauma that child would go through, that child would be scarred for life physically and mentally,

As the identity of the man is yet to be known and the identity of the child’s mother is yet to be known either, we call upon relevant authorities to start an investigation into this offense committed by the paedophile,

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