I’m in need of a huge cumcumber right now,!!!!busty lady cries out via Twitter!!!

A busty Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to cry out about her recent situation as she’s deeply in need of a bigger dick than the usual size she normally does,

According to the lady , she stated that no man has been able to satisfy her in bed and she’s ready to give all men a trial,

In her own words: we ladies are different from each other and I know I’m very hard to satisfy in bed,

I don’t know why most guy’s these days are very weak and find it very hard to satisfy a lady in bed, men really need to check thier diet and sexual health,

Abeg I’m in need of a man that can satisfy me on bed , I’m not looking for just any man I’m looking for the one with a very big and strong dick, she says

She further revealed that she has been managing small dicks for a while now and can’t take it anymore as none of them are able to satisfy her, she also revealed that she would do anything as appreciation to anyone who can help her out,

I for one think this is very stupid

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Samantha Osakue

I am samantha, 18 years old, student of Ambrose Ali University, micro biology 100 level, I'm 5.5 feet tall, I am a blogger and my hobbies are reading books and sight seeing

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