Bobriski Demands Three million from men who wants to hookup with his bestie!!!

Earlier today bobriski took to her Instagram handle to post a video complaining of underaged boys who claims to love his boyfriend

I’m her own words, : guys on a serious note all these smallies coming to my dm asking me to hook them up with my bestie,Tonto, una de craze, who una reach come to my own dm, come to oshe baddest dm de tell me una like Tonto, you guys look broke nigga, your face your haircut looks broke, una no fear, una de say bobriski please I like your bestie

Iffa wose you slap dah your mouth go bend, you don’t have money you’re telling me to hook you up , who wants to suffer?? You don’t see king Tonto’s body? Mad shape, you don’t see her skin? Fine girl!!!

So if you want me to hook you up send me three million naira first , I’ll give you her direct number, straight, okay?? I love you, muahhhh,!!

This were the words of famous bobriski bestie to Tonto dike , aka, tontolet, aka, king Tonto,

Watch video;

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Samantha Osakue

I am samantha, 18 years old, student of Ambrose Ali University, micro biology 100 level, I'm 5.5 feet tall, I am a blogger and my hobbies are reading books and sight seeing

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