Anita Joseph Comes Under Attack From Prophet Of Doom (TROLL)

Again Anita Joseph Comes Under Attack From a prophet of doom on Instagram as the troll commented on her post of a lovely picture of herself and her husband

Troll: dnt worry….. After one year na u go still use ur mouth insult ur husband… Na den u go realize say relationship nor be marriage..

As she reacted to the trolls comment by saying

Anita: 不不不不不不smh when you don’t have anything better to say it’s better u shushhhhhhhii. So you don’t embarrass your lineage

The troll who is identified as nonsobiggy replied

@nonsobiggy@anitajoshep, : just mark my words…wen dat time com u go remember say na one idiot be talk am but u no listen,u think say na joke,. He says in pidgin,

She replies

@anitajoseph: your words are stupid and I’m grateful you know say u be big idiot,

@nonsobiggy: absolutely…. people who say d truth r considered to be idiot until the truth starts to manifest,ubochi nta anyi chuo na owere nchi

@anitajoseph: should I now block u ..since u cnt stop typing

@nonsobiggy:block me if u wish.. this was how they killed the discples of Jesus when they continued to tell people d painful truth

Read, chat below:

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