Omg!!!! Cynthia Morgan insults Davido as fans also claim Davido is nothing but a cloud chaser,!!!!!!!

In the last few days Africa’s best Nigerian artist, David adedeji adeleke, popularly known as Davido has been trending on social media, for days now from this fight with burna boy a few days ago to his post today where the celebrity king posted that Cynthia Morgan shud call him and he has an anthem for her claiming he’s gonna start recording his verse

Not minding the fact that Cynthia Morgan once insulted Davido over an award they were both norminated for, today the same Davido has reached out to help the troubled Cynthia Morgan out of the kindness and warmness of his heart, not minding their past grievance’s,

A Davido hater also took to his Twitter handle@irunnia_ posted that Davido is a cloud chaser, the only reason he wants to help Cynthia Morgan now is because she is currently the center of attention, he likes being at the center of everything, claims Davido’s hater he also added that if Davido really wanted to help Cynthia Morgan when. She was suffering and wasn’t the center of attention why didn’t he help her then ????¿????

I for one thinks there’s always evil people out there trying to stain good people’s image’s even when they try to do something good for others, let’s see what the fans out there has to say about this dilemma, or what Davido has to say to his haters out there

Samantha Osakue

I am samantha, 18 years old, student of Ambrose Ali University, micro biology 100 level, I'm 5.5 feet tall, I am a blogger and my hobbies are reading books and sight seeing

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